50+ Yii 2 interview questions - Yii Interview Questions and Answers

Yii stands for "Yes It Is!". In Chinese, it is pronounced as "Yee" or [ji:] which means "simple and evolutionary". Yii framework is an open source framework. It is fully object-oriented. The components of Yii are based on the MVC (Model-View-Controller) composite pattern. This framework is designed for the rapid development of modern web applications. It is famous for providing secure and professional features to build hard project speedily. Therefore, it is titled as the “most secure and professional framework” of PHP.
Yii can be used to build all types of web applications such as the e-Commerce websites, content management system and so on. It is the most used framework because of its features, pros, and tools. If you want to know all about Yii, then check our online interview questions. You will get equipped with the subject knowledge by just reading our Yii interview questions.

  • What is Yii2?
    Yii 2

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  • What are the prerequisites to install Yii2 Framework?
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  • List few benifits of Yii over other PHP Frameworks?
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    Posted By: Roshan Kumar

  • Enlist few major features of Yii Framework?
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    Posted By: Dipali Sharma

  • Explain request Life Cycle in Yii2 framework?
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    Posted By: Bhagyashri

  • What is the difference between YII & YII2?
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  • What is Active Record(AR) in Yii?
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  • What are Yii helpers?
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  • What are Components in Yii2?
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  • What are formatter in Yii2?
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  • Enlist few core helper classes available in Yii Framework?
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  • What is gii in Yii 2 and for what it is used?
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    Posted By: Arthur

  • How to set or change default controller in Yii?
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    Posted By: Tillman

  • List types of table relations supported by Yii?
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    Posted By: Hosteen

  • What is difference between "render" and "renderpartial" in Yii?
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  • Enlist few database related methods in Yii?
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  • How to get current controller name in Yii?
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    Posted By: Helen

  • Provide steps to install Yii 2 Framework?
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    Posted By: Caleb

  • What is CModel Class in Yii2?
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    Posted By: Nidhi Ashok Shetty

  • Can we use Ajax in Yii?
    Yii 2

    Posted By: Dana

  • What is a Yiibase?
    Yii 2

    Posted By: waqas

  • What is CFormModel in Yii framework ?
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    Posted By: Sanjeev Kumar

  • How to get and set session in Yii?
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    Posted By: Charlie Pan

  • What is use of renderFile() function Yii?
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    Posted By: Amos

  • What is difference between homeUrl and baseUrl in Yii2?
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  • How can we set a flash message in Yii2?
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Yii vs Laravel:

It uses the MVC architecture patternIt does not use any modular pattern
It requires PHPUnit and Codeception for the testingIt requires PHPUnit with Symphony and the other components like HttepKernel, DomCrawler, etc. for testing.
It only requires the migration class for migrationIt requires the migration class and tools for migration.
APC, Database, file, Memcached, Redis, Wincache and Xcache are able to do caching in Yii.APC, Database, file, Memcached, Redis perform the caching in Laravel.
It provides the default templating system.It provides the blade templating system.
Yii is quite impressive in performanceLaravel is not good in performance

Yii vs CodeIgniter:

It provides high security.Security level is low in CodeIgniter.
Yii supports caching.CodeIgniter does not support caching.
It is more complex.It is simple.
The Database model is the relational object-oriented.The Database model of CodeIgniter is a relational NoSql.
Yii supports WYSIWYG editor.CodeIgniter does not support the WYSIWYG editor.
Yii supports machine code generation.It does not support machine code generation.

Pros: -

  • Sharing and learning features: Yii framework has great popularity all across the world. It connects the people and shares their suggestion about the solution to the problems. This is the reason for one of the best e-learning platforms out there.
  • Better web applications: The developers are able to develop the technical advance websites in a very easy manner in Yii as it provides the well-planned architecture to the developers. Also, the database server of the Yii is isolated from the users which encourage the developers to create powerful and cleaner web applications.
  • Reduce redundancy: This advance framework company helps the developers by freeing them from repetitive code writing. Alongside this, the developer makes sure that the change implemented in one site are shown on the entire program. All of these feature saves your time and efforts.
  • More designs and layouts: One of the more advantages of the Yii’s that it provides a great number of options regarding layouts and themes for a unique designing aspect of the website to the developers. The unique design of its controller helps in combining the various libraries and packages which further helps in lowering the programming load on the developers.
  • Protection of data: One of the main features of the Yii framework is its security. It provides the security to data against an outside threat. Many fascinating features are added to the framework like cross-site forgery, cookies attack and scripting to save the data from any kind of threat.
  • Easy debugging: With the help of the simple code format, it is easy to debug the program. In addition to this, it provides features such as role-based and built-in user authentication process which helps the developers to develop the code faster.

Cons: -

  • Static Method: Many developers are not comfortable with the over-reliant static method of Yii.
  • Ajax Features not well supported: Sometimes developers have to use Java language as the Ajax features present in the Yii is not well-drafted or built smartly. The framework does not allow the developers to create multiple relations and also does not support AR queries.
  • More Complex: The major disadvantage of Yii's unique design is its complexity. It requires great efforts from the developers while developing an application. If you commit one mistake then all the program can get over-sized.
  • Requires prerequisite of PHP: Yii framework might be challenging for the young developers as it requires a great knowledge of PHP language, programming skills, and the various add-ons.