Wordpress Interview Questions

Nowadays, the Internet is a vast source of information. But, have you ever thought how the information is added on the Internet and by whom? Well, if you are reading this, then you are going to have the answer. Bloggers, the ones who write blogs, are the cause of data on the internet. They add their own experiences in the form of data on the websites which is viewed by the users. Now, the question arises, where the bloggers write their content so that it is visible to the users. Here, we present you a solution that will help you to write your blogs as well as to make attractive websites.

WordPress is an open source web software and self-hosted blogging tool which you can use to create astonishing blogs and websites. In today's date, it is used by millions of users to build their own websites. Besides creating websites, WordPress offers you privacy with protected passwords, easy importing, themes, and plugins, etc. If you want to know completely about WordPress, then check our online interview questions and get updated about each small concept.

  • What is WordPress?

    Posted By: Blas

  • What are basic requirements to install Wordpress?

    Posted By: Tony

  • Enlist few advantages of using WordPress?

    Posted By: Dewitt

  • What is difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org?

    Posted By: sabeer ali

  • In which year WordPress was released?

    Posted By: clemmiebrotherto

  • Enlist different types of user roles available in WordPress?

    Posted By: Christopher

  • Why is MySQL used mostly with WordPress?

    Posted By: Jess

  • What is the use of general setting in Wordpress?

    Posted By: Cicero

  • What are plugins in Wordpress?

    Posted By: Samuel

  • What is Permalink in WordPress?

    Posted By: Elza

  • What is a custom field in WordPress?

    Posted By: Felix

  • Which SEO plugin you use for Wordpress SEO?

    Posted By: Christ

  • How can you disable comments in WordPress?

    Posted By: JB vala

  • What are importers in WordPress?

    Posted By: Kirby

  • What is a WordPress taxonomy?

    Posted By: Anonymous

  • How to run database Query on WordPress?

    Posted By: Jeromefoova

  • In WordPress, objects are passed by value or by reference.

    Posted By: Albert

  • Explain Avatar and Gravatar in WordPress.

    Posted By: rahul

  • What is usermeta function in Wordpress?

    Posted By: PatrickLon

  • What is a child theme in Wordpress?

    Posted By: Hayes

  • What are cookies and its type?

    Posted By: Warner

  • How to set a global variable in wordpress functions.php?

    Posted By: Ellis

  • How safe is your website on WordPress?

    Posted By: Elonzo

  • Where WordPress content is stored?

    Posted By: raghu

  • What is difference between Page and Post in Wordpress?

    Posted By: Elsie

  • What are hooks in Wordpress. Enlist few?

    Posted By: Leonard

  • What is an action hook?

    Posted By: Fernand

  • What is an filter hook?

    Posted By: Barnett

  • What is default table prefix for wordpress?

    Posted By: Simeon

  • What is use of wp_head() function in WordPress?

    Posted By: Richmond

  • How many default tables are the WordPress, Can you list them?

    Posted By: Eli

  • Which 'meta box' is not hidden by default on Post and Page screens?

    Posted By: TRAVELSEr

  • What are the template tags in WordPress? List some of them.

    Posted By: Caesar

  • How to get website url in wordpress?

    Posted By: Butler

  • What is wp_enqueue_script() function in WordPress?

    Posted By: Glen

  • What is the difference between the wp_title and the_title tags?

    Posted By: Louise

  • How to check if a page exists by URL in Wordpres?

    Posted By: KatyaFieda

  • What do next_posts_link() and previous_posts_link() function do?

    Posted By: Anonymous

  • How to get and session in Wordpress?

    Posted By: Hope

  • What is the difference between wp_reset_query() and wp_reset_postdata() in WordPress?

    Posted By: Hurley

  • What is __() in WordPress?

    Posted By: Denver

  • What is WordPress loop?

    Posted By: Hezekiah

  • Does WordPress use cookies?

    Posted By: Dell

  • What are Tags in WordPress?

    Posted By: Bikash shaw

  • How do you enable debug mode in WP?

    Posted By: Ferdinand

  • Which is the considerably best multilingual plugin in WordPress?

    Posted By: Oran

  • How to improve security on a WordPress site.

    Posted By: Fred

  • What is _e() in WordPress?

    Posted By: shubhakar

Difference between Wordpress and Blogger



The services of WordPress are provided by the WordPress hosting provider

It is provided by Google.

As WordPress is an open and large source, you can perform several tasks on your site.

It provides a lesser number of features to added into the site.

It Provides a great number of template and allows you to make your site more professional.

It provides a limited set of templates.

It is very easy to move the site from WordPress to another platform

It is quite complex to move the site from Bloggerr to another platform

It is self-hosted so you need to check security and backups.

It is hosted by Google so the security is robust. There is no need to take care of security. Google will do it by itself.

There are very huge supports available for WordPress.

Blogger has a very limited support system

Pros of using Wordpress

  1. Great content management system. It is very easy to navigate through the pages and content in WordPress. You can easily understand the procedure of WordPress. If you are able to understand computers and the languages on a basic level then WordPress is best for you.
  2. Plugins A large number of plugins (free as well as paid) are available in the market for WordPress which helps you to customize and improve any WordPress site. In most of the cases, plugins can do changes in the functionality on your site on your will.
  3. Responsive A vast number of themes are available in WordPress which are very good at the time of being responsive.
  4. eCommerce sites. Nowadays, eCommerce is getting at a high level. People find it easy to buy and sell things online. Plugins like WooCommerce played a vital role in this field. If your content is optimized then you can bring more people to your brand which results in heavy traffic on your website. It also tells the users which particular word can bring more popularity and which is not.
  5. Open source WordPress is an open source software which means anyone can use, change, study and redistribute its source code. You get a lot of themes and plugins in an absolutely free under the license of GPLv2. The programmers can also share the code online which results in saving a lot of time and costs.

Cons of Wordpress

  1. Custom Layouts Are Hard to Use: The first limitation is its layout. It is very hard to navigate them. It also happens with the design. Some designs are very hard to access as you want to do.
  2. Updates: It can be problematic to update WordPress. Although updates are a vital part and play a very important role but also it may bring some small problems to a website. The major problem of WordPress is security. Although the developers are good to keep updating it. But the site is only secure as the version is installed. Many owners failed to do the update and hence this may cause some serious issues.
  3. Speed: There are some themes that have plenty of useless generic code which results in a decrease in the speed of the site. Therefore, it induces a slow load time. It requires some experience to understand which code is necessary and which is just trash.
  4. Third Party content: Even most of the plugins are designed by professional developers, not all of them are of good quality. In most of the cases, it is harmful but sometimes it can be detrimental to your site. It may happen that the code can be conflicts with another site. It can break your site or become casually bloated. The latter can lessen the speed of the website.