What are pros and cons of using Laravel Framework?

Written by Bharathi

Posted On: Jan 11, 2019


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  •  Bharathi
    Posted by Mathewaider

    Pros of Laravel

    1. It uses Blade template engine that helps in speed up compilation tasks and writing cleaner code.
    2. Bundled modularity forces code reusability.
    3. Easy to understand Eloquent ORM.
    4. Outstanding Command Line Interface Artisan.
    5. Clean, clear easily understandable documentation.

    Cons of Laravel

    1. Quite slow because of loading multiple vendors.
    2. Amature developers face some difficulties in staring, but once they are familiar it will be fun to code in Laravel.
    3. Community support is not as wide as a comparison to other frameworks.
    4. Upgrading framework is a headache.

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