Vue.js Interview Questions For Freshers & Experienced

  • Sharad Jaiswal
  • 07th Aug, 2019

Despite the fact of newer, Vue framework is constantly growing and becoming a popular day by day. Vue pronounced as ‘View' is an advanced framework for creating user interfaces. Of course! The question arises in your mind why Vue? Well, to have an answer, you must read the features, pros, and cons of Vue and then compare it with other frameworks.

To give you an overview, the main difference between Vue and other frameworks is, Vue is easy to integrate with other libraries or existing project. Even, it is highly capable of building powerful SPA (Single page applications). If you like to read more about Vue, check our online interview questions and enhance your knowledge each and every topic.

Vue.js Interview Questions
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07th Aug, 2019

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Vue.js Interview Questions

Which is better:

Vue.js Angular.Js
Vue.js is flexible and light but favors speed superior to functionality. Angular.js is heavy but high on functionality.
The learning curve is not steeper but if a user has prior knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, then it will be easy to learn Vue.js Angular.js has a steeper learning curve, therefore any fresher can learn it easily.
Vue.js is simple in terms of design. Angular.js is not as simple in terms of design.
It takes less time as compared to an angular to develop non-trivial applications. It takes more time to develop non-trivial applications.
It doesn’t have large community support. It has a large community to suppor

Advantages of Vue.js:

  • Size: One of the most popular features of Vue.js is its small size. We can’t talk about other features without first mentioning it. Its size is just 18kb after gzipping. Moreover, the entire vue.js ecosystem is also small and fast which means you have the best speed parameters by choosing it. Thanks to its size! Nowadays, it is continuously beating bulky frameworks like Ember.js and Angular.js.
  • Data Binding: We know that data binding between HTML and JavaScript code has never been easier. But Vue.js conquer on this problem and handles two-way reactive data-binding as an enchant. It is solved by changing the DOM whenever data is changed. This is perfect for any real-time applications as well for SPA's.
  • Components and their Integration: The best thing about Vue.js is the integration of the components and views into existing apps, without leaving any negative impact on the entire system. Therefore, it is very easy to change the existing template by just adding small reactive components. Along with this, it also has the feature to add component's structure, style, and logic in one file which can be reused in other projects too. Also, you can build a SPA (Single Page Applications) in a fly with the help of Vue-router and Views.
  • Documentation: Vue.js has very well-written and extensive documentation which developers find very useful to learn it. The native developers should have a basic knowledge of HTML and JavaScript to write their first app. This means, even freshers can handle complicated operations with limited resources and having a little knowledge.
  • Flexibility: If you want to design a quick app which can also be controlled from the browser, then Vue.js is the best option for you. You can also handle more complicated apps with the help of JSX, Es6, routing and bundling features that Vue.js supports. Thus, it is obvious for the developers to switch to Vue.js from React, Angular and a JavaScript framework as with the same design, they would find Vue.js more flexible.
  • Readability: Any developer always tries to choose the framework which is easy to understand and read. For this reason, programmers can blindly pick upVue.js. Its syntax is very simple, clear and concrete. After getting experience in vue.js, you will find that its structure becomes your second nature. Due to its simple structure, programmers find very easy to locate any error in the blocks.

Disadvantages of Vue.js:

  • Small Community: Due to the new and evolving framework, Vue doesn't have wide support of followers like React and Angular frameworks. It is less popular than its fellow frameworks.
  • Language Barrier: The creator of Vue id Chinese-American who is very supportive of the Chinese development community. Most of the code is written in Chinese, therefore, it is very difficult for English developers to cope with Vue.js. As it is evolving at a fast pace, so most videos available online are outdated. This means you must have the patience to find the solution if you stuck somewhere in a project.
  • Plugins missing: As Vue is still in a development phase, so many important plugins are not present. That's why the developers have to switch to other frameworks for support.
  • Too Flexible: Being too flexible can be problematic when working on a large project. Sometimes, over flexibility create more complications in the project that led to errors and irregularities in the code. This increase the time as well as development cost



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