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Developed by Andres Gutierrez, Phalcon is the first framework which implements ORM in C Programming language. Phalcon, a PHP web framework released in the year 2012 under a BSD license. Like others, its architecture is also based on the MVC (Model-view-controller) pattern. In comparison with other frameworks which are written in PHP only, Phalcon is a C extension to PHP interpreter itself. This means that it loaded only once when the server is booted. It also doesn't need to interpret for every request of PHP. In addition, Zephir (a high-level programing language) is also present which leads to high customization of Phalcon. It is done to enhance the speed, reduce resource usage and to handle more HTTP requests per second.

  • Explain what is Phalcon?

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    Phalcon is a loosely coupled PHP framework which is based on MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture and delivered as C extension.

  • What is lazy initialization in Phalcon?

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  • What is MVC in Phalcon?

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  • Explain PHQL In Phalcon?

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  • What is ODM in Phalcon?

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  • Enlist few features of Phalcon Framework?

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  • Phalcon is written in which Language?

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  • What is zephir in Phalcon?

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  • Explain dependency injection in Phalcon?

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  • Which template engine is used in Phalcon?

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  • List some database related functions available in Phalcon?

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  • How can you inject Services into a Volt Template?

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  • How to increase CSRF timeout in Phalcon?

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  • List Database engines supported by Phalcon?

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  • How to pass data from the controller to view in Phalcon?

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  • Explain Routing in Phalcon?

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  • What are Single or Multi-Module Applications in Phalcon?

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  • Enlist various types of application events available in Phalcon?

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  • How many type of views are avilable in Phalcon?

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Besides these, Phalcon has fascinating features which you can read in the below article. Also, if you are preparing for Phalcon interview questions, then you must check our online interview questions. You will be equipped with the basic concepts of each topic in Phalcon. Start it today!

Phalcon vs Laravel




PHP web framework

Phalcon is relying on the PHP web framework

It is an open source PHP web framework


It is less scalable

It is highly scalable in comparison with Phalcon


It is more complex than the Laravel

It is simple


It has some great features like MVC, HMVC, and overhead, etc.

It has basic features of the PHP framework and the symphony.


It is one of the fastest PHP frameworks.

It is comparatively slower than Phalcon.


It has good performance

It has poor performance comparatively.


It required good programming skill and knowledge of C programming as well.

It does not require programming skill.


Phalcon is customizable with Zephir.

Laravel comes with Artisan.


Phalcon does not have good communication and documentation

Laravel have good communication and documentation.

Template System

It uses the Volt template system

It uses the Blade template system

Design practices

It follows good design practices.

It uses poor design practices.


Advantage of Phalcon

  • The great feature of Phalcon is available of C- extensions which are a one-time process on the web server.

  • Classes and functions provide ready-to-use extensions to the applications.

  • It has a compiled code with no interpretation.

  • It provides a lower MVC based application.

  • Performance and speed are good as compared to the other frameworks as in Phalcon, ORM is implemented in the C language, unlike other frameworks where PHP is the only language used.

  • It is easy to use.

  • It is able to create an independent framework.

  • It provides object-relational mapping (ORM), routing, templating engine and caching, etc.

  • PHP developer tools allow you to generate boilerplate code and jump straight to the implementation of your application's.

Disadvantages of Phalcon:


  • Phalcon's ORM is definitely faster than other frameworks, but it is not flexible enough. You will find difficult at starting but, get easier later.

  • In contrast to other frameworks, Phalcon doesn't have good communication and documentation. So, the developers sometimes find difficult to understand the outcomes and uses of Phalcon.