Node JS Interview Questions For Freshers & Experienced

  • Sharad Jaiswal
  • 07th Jan, 2021

Node JS Interview Questions
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07th Jan, 2021

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What is Node JS?

Node JS happens to be a cross-platform, open-sourced, JavaScript runtime conditions that implement code of the JavaScript independent of any browser. It allows the developers to utilize JavaScript to communicate command-line tools along with server-side scripting to provide powerful website page contents prior to the page being sent to the web browser on the user. It unifies web-application improvement concerning alone programming language without utilizing various languages for client-side and server-side scripts.

Node JS is proficient in asynchronous I/O and comprises an event-driven structure that optimizes scalability and throughput in web applications including various output/input operations along with the real-time web implementation.

Key Features of Node Js

Below are few major features of Node Js

Asynchronous and Event Driven

Single Threaded

No Buffering

MIT License

Cross-Platform Support


Non-Blocking Thread Execution

Unified API

Fast and highly scalability

Node JS Interview Questions

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