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  • 12th May, 2019

Joomla is one of the popular content management system (CMS) in the IT industry. Before jumping into the discussion of Joomla's features, pros and cons, first let’s know about CMS. What is CMS and why it is required?

CMS means a Content management system, a software through which you build and manage your website. Content can be of any type like images, text or videos, it tracks every piece of your content. If you want to change your manually built website entirely, then you require a large handful job. But, with the help of CMS, you can do with the press of a button.

Now, come to Joomla, a website software, used worldwide for maintaining websites from simple to the complex applications. It has amazing features such as flexibility, easy to install, reliable and ease of use. To know more about its tools, pros, and cons, check our online Joomla interview questions. Below, we have tried to answer the interview questions asked very often in interviews. Get a look at them.

Joomla interview questions
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Joomla Vs Wordpress. Which is better?



In the case of security, Joomla is far better than the WordPress

There are a little bit chances of hacking in WordPress

With respect to the multi-language, Joomla shines. It also provides translational packs to the users.

You have to use a third-party plugin for multi-language in WordPress.

Site performance on Joomla is quite good

Site performance is not quite good at WordPress as Joomla

It has a smaller number of themes than WordPress

There are a variety of themes available in WordPress.

It provides a more advanced system for user access controls and user management

It is not as good as Joomla in user control and management.

Why choose Joomla?

Open-source platform: Joomla is an open source platform where users are allowed to modify and distribute code without worrying about the charges. Users don't have to pay for the license fees with the sharing of information. It is a community-driven platform, not a profit-driver.

E-Commerce: Joomla is available with several extension to utilize in e-commerce. These extensions help you to maintain your product and content all in one place rather than demanding multiple platforms to run simultaneously.

Requires Minimal Expertise in Coding: It is one of the fascinating features of the Joomla that it is very easy to use. Joomla is a platform in which users do not need advanced skills and knowledge in programming to develop the website on it. When you are working on Joomla, you will definitely observe that most of the templates have a graphical user interface that permits the users to change fonts, layouts, colors, and feature even without touching a line of code.

Developed for Simple and High-Performing Websites: One of the remarkable advantages of the Joomla is that it is a CMS which is meant to develop different types of websites, but its functions are like a blogging platform. Moreover, it is a lightweight PHP framework that helps the web developers to write web and command line application in PHP. It is also far better in user management than WordPress. Joomla is also suitable for developing interactive sites like an online storefront or e-commerce sites, social networking site or forums and intranet platform among others.

Easy to edit: Joomla provides the feature of editing the structure and content of your website. It feels like a word processing program rather than a coding program. It helps the user to work on the creative side rather than worrying about how many codes commands they’ve been able to study.

Why not choose Joomla?

Complexity: A well-known disadvantage of the Joomla is its complexity as compared to WordPress. The complexity of the user interface is over the top. The reason that makes it a complex platform is that it has many more functions than WordPress or other CMS platform. It requires a certain level of expertise in coding and overall web development to develop complex and interactive websites.

Greater demand on your server: This CMS platform places a large burden on your server parameter if you have a website that receives a large number of hits per day and has a lot of pages that you want them to be alive. This platform is for the medium-sized business who wants a good CMS option and a professional site.

Adjustment options are rather limited: Another disadvantage of the Joomla is that it has a limited number of adjustment options. Although this platform has many modules, templates and plugins but many users found it not enough to create the experience as they want to do. As it is very complex particularly in the case of deep navigation option, but still some user needs stronger than this.

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