JavaScript : A programming language for web

JavaScript is one of the most powerful and flexible languages of the web. It is also known as a scripting language, as it interprets the script each time when run. It is often used for client-side web development, which refers to the operations performed by the client in a client-server relationship. JavaScript mainly designed to provide dynamic behavior to most of the websites on the web.

Along with these, JavaScript has many uses such as adding interactivity to the HTML pages, giving a reaction on events, used to validate the data and many more. If you want to know all the features, uses, and tools of JavaScript then go to the JavaScript online interview questions and find the answer to each question of yours. Also, these interview questions will help you to crack the interviews if you are preparing to get the job of web development.

Note: Despite the name, JavaScript and Java are totally different languages. Never consider JavaScript as Java.

  • What is let const and var ?
    Node Js

    Posted By: Anthony

  • What is difference between return and callback?
    Node Js

    Posted By: Clovis

  • What do you understand by middleware?
    Node Js

    Posted By: Harold

  • How to connect NodeJS with mongodb?
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    Posted By: Bryant

  • How does Promise and Queue work?
    Node Js

    Posted By: Christian

  • Describe Node.js event loop and event driver architecture?
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    Posted By: Peter

  • How are Promises better than callbacks ?
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    Posted By: sohan

  • What is JIT and how is it related to Node?
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    Posted By: Jim

  • What is callback hell?
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    Posted By: Alan

  • Why do you use forever with Node.js?
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    Posted By: Ellis

  • Why Node.js is based on single threaded architecture?
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    Posted By: Hollis

  • What is the difference between Node.js and Ajax?
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    Posted By: Jeromefoova

  • What is REPL in Node.js?
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    Posted By: Arden

  • What is a Buffer in Node.js?
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    Posted By: Gustave

  • What are Global object in Node.js?
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    Posted By: paras

  • What is the use of Zlib in Node.js?
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    Posted By: PatrickLon

  • What is NPM? How to uninstall a dependency using npm?
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    Posted By: Willie

  • What is Piping in Node?
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    Posted By: Justus

  • Which module is used for buffer based operations in NodeJs?
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    Posted By: KissQuada

  • Explain Chaining in NodeJs?
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    Posted By: Wellington

  • Can React be used without JSX?
    React Js

    Posted By: Walker

  • What is difference between MVC and Flux?
    React Js

    Posted By: Howell

  • Explain the difference pure components and general components in React?
    React Js

    Posted By: Saloni Malhotra

  • What are Higher Order Components (HOC) in React?
    React Js

    Posted By: Arvid

  • Explian the events lifecycle of React?
    React Js

    Posted By: Charley

  • What is difference between functional and class components in React?
    React Js

    Posted By: Clyde

  • Why do we need a Redux with React?
    React Js

    Posted By: Johnny

  • What is flux?
    React Js

    Posted By: Howard

  • Explain the difference between prop and state in ReactJs?
    React Js

    Posted By: Isaiah

  • How to set up routing in ReactJS?
    React Js

    Posted By: Anonymous

  • What are stateless and stateful components in React?
    React Js

    Posted By: Hosie

  • What are synthetic events? How do they differ from non-synthetic events?
    React Js

    Posted By: Wilmer

  • What are refs? Why would we need them?
    React Js

    Posted By: AnthonySen

  • What is diffing in React Js?
    React Js

    Posted By: Mahlon

  • What React.createElement() method does?
    React Js

    Posted By: GORU RAVi

  • How to start development server in ReactJs?
    React Js

    Posted By: Herman

  • What is use of super method in React?
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    Posted By: leoharter52017

  • What is Babel?
    React Js

    Posted By: Anonymous

  • What is Factory Pattern?
    React Js

    Posted By: Everett

  • What are angular2 directives?
    React Js

    Posted By: welidbou

  • What are the steps of creating an AJAX request?

    Posted By: TRAVELSEr

  • What is Ajax? LIst few benefits using AJAX?

    Posted By: Javierlal

  • What is difference between Asynchronous and Synchronous code?

    Posted By: R S RUSSELL

  • RIA Stands For what?

    Posted By: Vester

  • For what XMLHttpRequest object is used?

    Posted By: Garfield

  • How to create an request object?

    Posted By: Merritt

  • What are various Httpo status codes returned by AJAX?

    Posted By: Charles

  • How to cancel the current request in AJAX?

    Posted By: Max

  • What does AJAX stand for?

    Posted By: Lora

  • When should you use the POST HTTP method with AJAX?

    Posted By: shankar

  • What is difference between JSON and JSONP?

    Posted By: Wenzel

  • Which jQuery method is used for handling errors in an AJAX response?

    Posted By: Jim

Difference Between Javascript and Java



It is easy to learn

It is harder to learn than the JavaScript

It is more fluid type

It is somewhat rigid

It is object-oriented programming script language.

It is an object-oriented programming language

Its codes are all in the text.

Its codes need to be compiled.

Its applications can run on browsers.

Its application can run in a virtual machine or browser.

Objects of JavaScript are the prototype based

Java objects are class-based

Its program files have an extension of ".js”

Its program files have an extension of “.Java”

It needs less space than Java

It needs more space.

Pros of Javascript


One of the main advantages of using JavaScript is that it is very speedy because it can be work instantly within the client-side browser. JavaScript is unobstructed by the network calls to a backend server until you require outside resources. Moreover, it does not need to have compiled on the client side which is also played a vital role in enhancing its speed.


Developers are using JavaScript because it can be played nicely with other languages. In comparison with other scripts like PHP and SSI, JavaScript can be added into any web page irrespective of the file extension. Moreover, you can also use JavaScript inside the script in other languages like PHP and Perl.

Loosely Typed Language

Another astonishing feature of the JavaScript is that it is a loosely typed language which allows the developer to have more control over the code. Moreover, developers also don't need to worried about the function return type, variable type, etc. It doesn't depend on the object as an attribute can be read from any object. Only one function can handle all the types so you don't need function overloading and also, you don't need to worry about the mismatch error in the whole function.


We know that the update in any language is most important because many new features and tools get advanced with time. To compete with other similar languages, Ecma International updates the JavaScript annually.  


Since JavaScript is used everywhere on the web, so developers don't find any difficulty to learn it, as many resources are available on the Internet.

Special features in function.

JavaScript has so many unique features that give it a different look. JavaScript is very flexible as it can accept any type of argument even without declaring. Moreover, it can also return any type of value which is very useful in projects. Another feature of JavaScript is that it can also store the functions as the value of variables. Moreover, these functions can also pass and return as the objects do.

Cons of JavaScript

Browser Support.

It is seen that sometimes the JavaScript is rendered differently by the different browsers. While server-side scripts always give the exact output, but client-side scripts can be a little bit unpredictable. But you don't need to worry much about it. As far as you check your script in all the browser, you are safe.

Slow Bitwise operation

When you look at the bitwise operation, you may be frustrated. The reason for this is that it converts the operand in 32-bit signed integer and reverse the result to a 64-bit floating point.

Client-Side Security.

It may happen that the codes execute on the computer may get used for malicious purposes. This is considered to be one of the disadvantages of JavaScript.

Security Issues

JavaScript doesn't possess any type of linker because of the load and go delivery approach. As a result, computational units are all mixed in common global space, which affects a few security issues in some instances.