Fuel PHP interview questions For Freshers & Experienced

  • Sharad Jaiswal
  • 21st Dec, 2019

Fuel PHP interview questions
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21st Dec, 2019

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What is Fuel PHP?

The Fuel PHP is a fast and simple framework in PHP 5.4+. Fuel PHP is a Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework to support HMVC (Hierarchical Model-View-Controller) as its architecture. It is a router-based approach that routes the information directly into the closure. Fuel PHP deals with the URI in the input section, converting the closure into the controller and gives full control for further execution.

All scaffolding functionalities and the migration tool for the database are inspired by the Ruby on Rails Framework in this framework. It leverages the authority of the command line through the Oil utility. Simple configuration, supple components, easy to use REST application development mode, and ORM are some of the important features of the Fuel PHP.

Key Features of Fuel Php

Below are few major features of Fuel Php

Large community

Easy configuration

Lightweight ORM model

Inbuilt authentication and authorization

RESTful API development support


Flexible URI routing system

Modular structure

Secure hashing function

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