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  • 09th May, 2019

Drupal, a free Content Management System, used to build a wide range of web applications with a large supportive community. You can use the Drupal in two ways: Either you create a website on your computer and then upload on the web host or you can create and design the website on the Drupal software. Well! It is important for the beginners, if you have not used Drupal before, then it is better to start with Drupal 8 that gives you a foundation of working with Drupal.

Drupal's slogan "Come for the code, stays for the community," says you can do whatever you want to do with Drupal. It has a large number of people who worked together and support each other to improve the code. It has features like creating and editing content, organizing websites and even you can manage your website through GUI (Graphical User Interface).

This is the brief introduction of Drupal, but you can get all the answers to your questions by reading online interview questions of Drupal. Below is the best collection of interview questions that let you crack any interview.

Drupal interview questions
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Drupal vs Wordpress. What to choose?



With respect to security, Drupal is far better than WordPress.

Recently reports show some news of the attacker in WordPress.

Its demands more initial cost than the WordPress

Its initial demand of cost is less than the Drupal

The learning curve of Drupal is steep which means it demands a lot of knowledge about the programming

WordPress is best suitable for beginners; it requires very little knowledge of programming to start.

It provides 25,00+ themes and 39,000+ modules

It Provides 5,000+ themes and 53000+ free plugins.

If your needs are complex and you want that your site requires robust functionally, then Drupal is good.

WordPress is better if the site does not need to be complex.

Pros and Cons of using Drupal

Drupal is the Extensible

The main advantage of the Drupal is that it is extensible. Content types permit relative beginners to build even complex data structure within the minute. So, you can see it can save a lot of time. It doesn't matter at all that you are using contributed modules or building out your own, you are able to extend Drupal as your desire.

Community Support:

Another main advantage of using Drupal is its large community. Drupal is designed as a user-developer friendly platform in which members can co-relate with each other and can share their problem. It is very helpful because people who have already face this type of problem give their experience to the user to solve it.

Companies are growing mutually because the extensions and add-ons are continuously updated.

Drupal Can Serve as an API of Its Own

The next advantage of Drupal is about its extendable. In modern years, a large wave has seen by the developers in tools and tech that managed to force it to modern web development. Central enthusiasts of this were the eruption of RestFul web APIs.

Drupal has welcomed this idea which as a result allows the users to extend the software in an easy way to become a full REST API with negligible upfront labor. The meaning of all this is that your Drupal project can be fully detached from your front-end teams' workflow. The benefit of this is that it makes the Drupal environment 100% portable to approx. every other platform. You are able to expose your data to both the iOS and Android app.

SEO Friendly

Drupal's tools are designed very nicely to manage the website SEO easily. Most of the things can be easily managed in Drupal like canonical, URL mapping, navigation, and Meta tags.

Cons of using Drupal

Updates can be an effort

Whenever Drupal comes with the update it always tries that the new version should be able to leverage the modern tech, which, as a result, gives a better overall system.

However, it needs some costs for the companies to update the version so that they can remain on the front side of their relevant field. While on the development side it means that the contributor has to write their components so that they can be compatible with the updated version.


Drupal in comparison with the other content Management System like WordPress is far behind with respect to the scalability and the efficiency. The reason for this is that it takes a lot of time to load tons of tools and scripts which are available in the system. Many of the users get disappointed with the Drupal because of the slower performance of the system.

Steep learning curve

If you are a beginner then it is not good to select Drupal as a platform because it demands a lot of knowledge in programming. It's learning curve is steep. So, it is basically built for professional developers.

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