35+ CodeIgniter Interview questions and Answer

We know that PHP is the most powerful language in the present time, but to execute it, developers use many frameworks. As it is easier for developers to combine the code with popular frameworks without adding additional code. From many frameworks, CodeIgniter is a widely used framework for PHP. Let’s see more about CodeIgniter and its features.

CodeIgniter is used to build dynamic web sites with PHP. It is an open open-source software rapid development web framework. It is based on the famous model-view-controller (MVC) development pattern. Besides, the model and views are optional in CodeIgniter. Moreover, Hierarchical Model View Controller (HMVC) can be used by modifying the CodeIgniter which helps the developer to manage the modular grouping of Models, Controller and View arranged in a sub-directory format. Coupling with this, the CodeIgniter is most preferable compared to other PHP frameworks due to its fascinating feature of speed.

The above is an overview of CodeIgniter and its some features. But if you want to know more about CodeIgniter to compete in an interview and get hired, then you must read our online interview questions. Below is the best collection of CodeIgniter interview questions that will definitely help you to get your dream job.

  • How to set csrf token in codeigniter?

    Posted By: Guy

    CSRF stands for Cross-Site Request Forgery. It is an attack that forces an end user to execute unwanted actions on a web application in which they're currently authenticated.

    Adding a CSRF token in your forms is a way to prevent your website by CSRF Attack.

    CSRF in CodeIgniter:

    First, we have to enable CSRF in Config file by adding

    $config['csrf_regenerate'] = TRUE;

    To add CSRF token in Custom Form

       $csrf = array(
        'name' => $this->security->get_csrf_token_name(),
        'hash' => $this->security->get_csrf_hash()
         <input name="<?=$csrf['name'];?>" value="<?=$csrf['hash'];?>" type="hidden" />

    If you are creating your form using CodeIgniter helper then it will be enabled By default.

  • What is CodeIgniter?

    Posted By: Elza

  • Enlist major features of CodeIgniter Framework?

    Posted By: Samuel

  • Why CodeIgniter is called as loosely based MVC framework?

    Posted By: Dudley

  • Who is creator of CodeIgniter Framework?

    Posted By: Cullen

  • What is ExpressionEngine?

    Posted By: Eldridge

  • What are hooks in CodeIgniter? List few of them?

    Posted By: FS

  • What is MVC in CodeIgniter?

    Posted By: Anonymous

  • Explain Codeigniter's application Flow Chart?

    Posted By: Earl

  • How to do 301 redirects in CodeIgniter?

    Posted By: Meyer

  • Explain model in CodeIgniter?

    Posted By: sandeep chegu

  • How to load a model in CodeIgniter?

    Posted By: Curt

  • How can you remove index.php from URL in Codeigniter?

    Posted By: Manley

  • Explain routing in Codeigniter?

    Posted By: Dock

  • What are helpers in Codeigniter? List some of them?

    Posted By: Malachi

  • What are different types of messages you can log in Codeigniter?

    Posted By: фывыфв

  • In which files Codeigniter routes are defined?

    Posted By: Johnny

  • What is name of default controller in CodeIgniter?How can you change it.

    Posted By: Dalton

  • How to get last inserted id in CodeIgniter?

    Posted By: Cooper

  • What are inhibitor in Codeigniter?

    Posted By: CarlosBivatte

  • How will you call a constructor in CodeIgniter?

    Posted By: Armstead

  • How to load multiple helper files in CodeIgniter?

    Posted By: Jessie

  • How do you set default timezone in Codeigniter?

    Posted By: BorisIncive

  • What is CSRF? How do you set csrf token in codeIgniter?

    Posted By: Emmett

  • List out major databases supported by Codeigniter?

    Posted By: Mont

  • What is_cli() method do in Codeigniter?

    Posted By: Homer

  • How to get random records in MySQL using CodeIgniter?

    Posted By: Nikitha Reddy

  • How to enable CodeIgniter hook?

    Posted By: Anonymous

  • How to initialize or load a driver in CodeIgniter?

    Posted By: Smitha

  • How to check the the installed version of CodeIgniter framework?

    Posted By: Robert

  • What are Sessions In CodeIgniter? How to read, write or remove session in CodeIgniter?

    Posted By: prashant

  • How to add or link an images/CSS/JavaScript from a view in CI?

    Posted By: Woodie

  • List some common functions of Codeigniter?

    Posted By: Edith

  • How to set or get config variables in Codeigniter?

    Posted By: Swami babu

  • How to delete a record in Codeigniter?

    Posted By: dakata962

  • List the resources that can be autoloaded in Codeigniter?

    Posted By: shiru

  • What is the default URL pattern used in Codeigniter framework?

    Posted By: Holmes

  • What is an ORM, List ORM's for CodeIgniter?

    Posted By: Harvy

  • In which directory logs are saved in Codeigniter?

    Posted By: Issac

  • How to enable error logging in Codeigniter?

    Posted By: Uriah

  • How to connect multiple databases in CodeIgniter?

    Posted By: Amos

CodeIgniter vs Laravel



It supports more database.

It supports the limited database.

It follows the relational object-oriented

It follows the object-oriented method.

The template language is PHP proprietary

The template language is Blade Template Engine

It is for those who use a simple tool kit

It is for those who need an elegant and modest kind of toolkit

It is component driven

It is object-oriented event-driven functional

It supports explicit and implicit routing

It supports explicit routing

It does not support built in the modular feature

It supports built in the modular feature

It does not support the HTTP route sufficiently.

It supports HTTP routes

CodeIgniter vs Yii



 Programming language is PHP

Programming language is PHP.

It is under the MIT license

It is under the BSD license

Template language of CodeIgniter is PHP proprietary

Template language of Yii is PHP smarty twig

It supports component-oriented

It supports object-oriented event-driven.

Advantages of CodeIgniter

  • CodeIgniter is trustworthy and lightweight.

  • It offers PHP developer the easiest way to utilize modular programs and get a specific function through the framework.

  • PHP developer finds it easy in CodeIgniter to utilize modular programs and get a specific function through the framework.

  • It fits almost with all operating systems, web servers and platforms.

  • CodeIgniter help PHP developers to create a web application with high-end functionalities and additional features. It is possible due to the In-built libraries and resources provided by the CodeIgniter.

  • This helps the programmers to build web applications in a secured manner.

  • CodeIgniter helps the developer to create rear end and the front end of the application efficiently.

  • It offers easy customization and configuration of files and also supports hassle-free migration

  • Developers are able to reduce the amount of code required to develop an application of PHP.

  • CodeIgniter is quite useful in detecting the error and neutralizing it. It is a very user- friendly framework. It provides the developer's bug handling and debugging messages.

  • CodeIgniter provides the form validation feature to the developers. By this, they are able to write the code in a single line. You are able to use Effective validation framework system to write codes.

  • It is easy to edit the existing CodeIgniter files which are helpful for the developers to create what they want. Beginners can use this to avoid confusion.

  • You can use the migration aspect for the management of the database scheme. It is very easy to migrate server in CodeIgniter.

Disadvantages of CodeIgniter

  • Does not emphasize on code maintainability
  • Most of the enterprises demand from programmers to write clean, readable and structured code. These codes help the enterprise to manage, modify and update the web application in the future. However, CodeIgniter does not provide this feature at default as other frameworks do. The developers have to add some extra time and efforts to maintain the code.
  • An Absence of Exhaustive Libraries
  • Libraries perform a vital role in the framework. Like the other web frameworks, CodeIgniter also enhances the custom web applications by serving with a large number of libraries. Further, it allows the developers to install the libraries according to the need. You can also extend the libraries by extending and customize the native libraries by extending the native classes. But the CodeIgniter's libraries are not exhaustive as compared to other frameworks.
  • Not pure Object Oriented
  • CodeIgniter is mainly based on PHP which means it is not object-oriented in some parts, thus it doesn’t work like other object-oriented languages which are more efficient then CodeIgniter.