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Started in April of 2005 by Michal Tararynowicz who wrote a minimum version of speedy application development in PHP and then dubbed it Cake. He opened his work for the online community of developers by publishing the framework under MIT. After the wait of one year, it was finally released in May 2006.

Introducing CakePHP, it is an open-source web framework which supports the MVC (Model- view- controller). It is written in PHP and formed after the ideas of Ruby on rails. This language uses the software design patterns such as model–view–controller, active record, convention over configuration, association data mapping, etc. This is the brief introduction of CakePHP, but if you are preparing for the interview then you must check our online interview questions. We have collected all types of questions in one set to make it easier and understandable. Also, you get equipped with the best CakePHP interview question which is very often asked in interviews.

  • What is CakePHP?

    Posted By: Najim Mulla

    CakePHP is rapid development framework for PHP like Laravel it also flows MVC Design Pattern. It completly written in PHP and modeled after the concepts of Ruby on Rails. It is free use and and distributed under the MIT License.

    Some facts About CakePHP
    Distributed UnderMIT License
    First Released OnApril 2005
    Current Stable Version3.7.8
    Written InPHP

  • How to get current URL in CakePHP ?

    Posted By: Kausalya

    Getting current URL in CakePHP In CakePHP View

    <?php echo $this->here; ?>

    In Controller

    	<?php echo Router::url( $this->here, true ); ?> 

  • List some features of CakePHP framework ?

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  • What is MVC in CakePHP ?

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  • How to write, read and delete the Session in cakephp?

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Laravel vs CakePHP

In the case of small projects or work, CakePHP provides better performance than the Laravel.Laravel is known to be one of the open sources MVC frameworks and supports impactful performance for larger projects as it proffers two-way data binding services
It uses the HMVC architecture.It uses the MVC architecture.
As it does not support any binding process, therefore it is a very simple and easier approach toward routing approach than the LaravelAs it supports two-way data binding process, it is very complex and hence it is less preferable than the CakePHP.
It works on directly MVC.It works on HTML and dynamic elements.

CakePHP vs Yii

The database model is object-relational documents-orientedThe database model is Relational object-oriented.
It is written in PHP Programming languageIt is written in the PHP JavaScript language.
Its framework is under the MIT license.Its framework is under the BSD license.
The programming paradigm of CakePHP is object-oriented functional event-drivenThe programming paradigm of Yii is object-oriented functional event-driven

Major Advantages

Supporting Software's:

The main advantage of using CakePHP is that it supports the wide range of software's that are heavily used by the developers including Model-View-Controller. So, it is great for the developers that they are able to use the MVC in keeping their business logic and interface separately. In addition to this, they are able to manage and update a large web application without working from scratch in a very easy way.

Reusable Code:

The developers can create prototypes and reusable codes due to the presence of features like scaffolding and code generations. Reusability fo code not only makes the programmers more productivity but also decrease the overall development time. Moreover, they are able to create new PHP applications for different projects with the help of reusable code.

Fast Templating System:

Another main advantage of CakePHP is the templating system. It provides a fast and flexible templating system which helps the programmer to increase the application look and can also create custom templates. Many developers also create design-made custom CakePHP templates for the enterprises in a very short period of time.


As CakePHP deals with the different classes, it is a boon for those developers who find it difficult to work with standard PHP class. This feature allows the programmers to directly access Core and App directories. So, it is now easy for them to use this feature for defining the functions of each class in an easy way.


CakePHP has many standard and innovative tools for the safety and security of web applications as compared to the other frameworks. Developers are able to use the built-in-tools to block the SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks. Moreover, these tools are beneficial to the developers to validate user input and prevent tampering and CSRF.

Disadvantages Of CakePHP:

Needs Refinement:

Many developers believe that CakePHP needs better documentation and needs improvement. Although it is simple and easy-to-learn still it is more complex than CodeIgniter. A lot of time and efforts are required to learn the various aspect of CakePHP.

Default routes:

CakePHP does not support default routes for Fancy URLs as the other frameworks do. Developers have to update the default routes while creating Fancy URLs.


Many developers find it difficult to update the version from 2.x to 3.x of CakePHP. It seems that CakePHP does not support some backward agreeable changes. This is the reason that many developers do not find it better to use the updated version. Nevertheless, the developers are able to develop applications with new features it updates version.