80+ AngularJS Interview Questions

AngularJS is one of the most popular frameworks of JavaScript today which is widely used for Single page applications. It is a structured framework and built with MVC (Model View Controller) concept. It is also titled as 'Golden Child' of JavaScript frameworks because of the amazing facilities. AngularJS has key features that make it a powerful tool to design dynamic web applications. Although the list is too long, some of them are- Data Binding, Directives, filters, Dependency injection and many more. If you want to know about features in detail, then check our AngularJS interview questions. Along with the features, it is supported on various platforms such as web, mobile, desktop native.

If you are preparing for interviews then you must check our online interview questions of AngularJS and get equipped yourself with domain knowledge.

  • What are $routeProvider and $locationProvider in AngularJs?

    Posted By: Anonymous

  • Explain the difference between Factory and Service methods?

    Posted By: prasad

  • What is $http and $q in AngularJS?

    Posted By: Ajay

  • How to cretae a controller in AngularJS?

    Posted By: Anonymous

  • What is difference between ng-model and {{}} and ng-bind?

    Posted By: Nanarrjnuff

  • What does link function do in a directive?

    Posted By: Gustavus

  • Explain promises in AngularJS?

    Posted By: Maude

  • Explain box model and who introduced it?

    Posted By: Charley

  • What is asynchronous mean in AngularJS?

    Posted By: Elton

  • How do you share data between controllers in Angular?

    Posted By: venkatesh

  • What is use of angular.copy()?

    Posted By: Orley

  • What are different types of directives available in AngularJS?

    Posted By: Golden

  • What are Filters in AngularJS?

    Posted By: Richard David

  • What are authGuards?

    Posted By: Houston

  • What are http interceptors?

    Posted By: Titus

  • What is difference between $rootScope and $scope in AngularJS?

    Posted By: AnthonySen

  • Explain precompile, link, postcompile?

    Posted By: Eddie

  • Explain AngularJS Compliation process?

    Posted By: Rodney

  • What is difference between $scope and scope.

    Posted By: Nurry

  • How to access $rootScope in view?

    Posted By: Omar

  • How to define a default route in AngularJS?

    Posted By: Ossie

  • How to filter the selected checkbox using AngularJS?

    Posted By: Shalesh Rana

  • What is Data Binding in AngularJs?

    Posted By: Luis

  • What is use of Compiler?

    Posted By: Tomas

  • What is E2E Testing?

    Posted By: Albertus

  • What are CSS classes used by AngularJS?

    Posted By: Osborne

AngularJs Vs NodeJs



It is written in JavaScript

It is written in C, C++, and JavaScript

It is great for building the large sized project

It is used for building the small-sized project

It does not need to installed AngularJS separately. It can be added like the other files in the JavaScript

NodeJS needed to installed separately

Angular JS support real-time applications

Node JS supports real-time collaborative drawing or editing applications

It runs on the client side

It runs on the server side

It is a web framework in itself

It possesses many frameworks like Express.JS, Sails.JS, and Partial.JS

AngularJS allows  programmers to use HTML as a template language

NodeJS aids programmers to use asynchronous APIs and a single threaded event mechanism

Why choose Angular

  • Two-way data binding: One of the main advantages of the AngularJS is that it provides a two-way data binding feature. As the AngularJS was created with MVC (Model-View-controller) architecture it means the framework synchronized with the Model and View. If the data in the Model is changed, View does too. As it does not require writing additional code to provide continual View and Model synchronization it helps the developers by reducing the development time.
  • DOM manipulation: In comparison with the other popular JavaScript framework, Angular conveniently reduce the developer's work for actively employing DOM (Document Object Model). It is possible due to the two-way data conclusive approach. It helps the developers by saving their time and trained them to code, translate and update the DOM aspect.
  • Dependency injection: Dependencies tells how different pieces of code collaborate with each other and how the changes in one component affect the other. In most of the cases, dependencies are defined in the component themselves in order that every change in the dependency needs changing components as well. The developers utilize the injector in AngularJS to define dependencies as external elements decoupling components from their dependencies. This dependency injection helps in making the component more reusable and easier to manage and test.
  • Highly testable products: One of the astonishing advantages of AngularJS is that it creates highly testable websites and applications. You are able to make the testing and debugging more simpler than you can imagine simply by allowing unit testing and end-to-end testing. For instance, Dependency injections permit several components to be separated and mocked. There are much more unique testing tools that are provided by AngularJS like Protractor, Karma, and Jasmine.
  • Improved server performance: Another advantage of the AngularJS is that it helps in caching and many other techniques. In addition to this, it diminishes the load from server CPUs. Server functions are able to perform very well. It is possible due to diminished traffic because it only serves immobile files and responds to the API calls.

Cons of AngularJs

  • Steep learning curve: AngularJS is a handy instrument which sometimes creates confusion among the engineers. As there is always more than one way to solve any task which can be a nuisance. But there are many tips and tutorial regarding the solution of these problems.
  • Inexperience with MVC: If you are following the traditional method and utmost unfamiliar with the MVC architecture then using AngularJS is just a burden and time-consuming. Just as in the case, you have a strict deadline to meet, AngularJS is not the right path to go. But you can hire someone else who is an expert in the AngularJS.
  • Possible time consumption: Another disadvantage of the AngularJS is that it takes a lot of time to render the pages of the websites and applications designed using the framework. It may happen because the browsers would be burdened to do extra tasks like DOM manipulation. Nonetheless, these drawbacks are limited to old devices. The modern mobiles do not find it challenging at all. It is seen that modern devices work well.